Bloomberg learned about the study of the scenario of leaving Putin in power


According to Bloomberg, one of them is supposed to unite Russia with Belarus. Lukashenko opposed this option earlier, and the Russian Ambassador said that Moscow did not make such proposals

The presidential administration is considering various options that will allow Vladimir Putin to remain in power as long as possible, three sources close to the Kremlin told Bloomberg.

One of the scenarios involves: The creation of a new state by uniting with Belarus.

A new country will be headed by Putin, which will allow him to bypass the constitutional restrictions on the number of presidential terms.

Political scientist and former employee of the presidential administration Andrei Kolyadin told the Agency that the Kremlin “actively discussed” a scenario similar to what is happening in Kazakhstan. Moscow will monitor the extent to which Nursultan Nazarbayev after his resignation from the post of President of Kazakhstan will be able to control the situation and how the influence will be distributed in the new configuration, said the chief editor of the Moscow center Carnegie Alexander Baunov.

It is impossible to repeat Nazarbayev’s strategy in Russia, political scientist Arkady Dubnov told the Agency, because Russia’s political system is more complicated than Kazakhstan’s.

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