Earn money online or How to make $164 in 2 minutes

Do you know how you can make $ 148 in just a few minutes?

Obviously, it seems pretty crazy! Just imagine, in poor countries people have to work for a whole month to get that kind of money! If it’s so easy, why don’t many people do it? The answer is simple. They weren’t taught this. From childhood, we are trained to work in a factory, in an office, or elsewhere. Unfortunately, we are not taught to be the masters of our lives. We are not taught to be the owners of our business. We are not taught to invest. We are not taught to make big money. Because it’s not beneficial to any government. They want slaves.

But you can change your life. You control your destiny. You control your true earning potential. You can learn to earn more. If you want of course. But if you want to stay poor. If you think you don’t deserve to be rich and free. Then turn off this video and stay poor.

Are you still here? Excellent! Now I’ll show you how you can earn $ 148 in a few minutes a day. To do this, it’s enough to conclude 3 trades a day. We set the duration of each trade to 1 minute. We open a trade as usual from the support and resistance levels. I talked about them in more detail in previous videos. Now, attention to the chart!

So, from this video we saw how to earn $ 148 in 3 trades. For this, the investment amount must be $ 100 in each trade. But remember one thing! The amount of your investment for one trade should be no more than 5% of the amount of your deposit. For example, if the amount of your deposit is $ 1000, then the investment amount per one trade should not exceed $ 50. Remember it! As you saw trading is really easy! Don’t stop running toward your dream! Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel, like and write in the comments!

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