How to earn $ 2000 per day trading on Olymp Trade?

Do you want to earn money? Of course! For this we’re here and gathered!
So, trading is a great opportunity for that. You can earn on the purchase and sale of the asset. When a trader buys an asset, they hope that the asset will rise in price and can be sold at a higher price. When a trader sells an asset, they expect to be able to make money by redeeming the asset at an even lower price. In fact, the trader sells what they don’t own.

How much can you earn?

When I started, my account was only two hundred dollars, so I couldn’t place large trade. The amount of the each my trade was ten percent of my account. And in during next 10 days, I was able to increase my account 5 times. After 7 months, now my income is on average $2,000 per day. And that’s crazy! But I want to tell you one thing. You can earn too! And I’ll tell you how to do it.

This is the Olymp Trade trading platform. Trading here is very easy! First of all, let’s go to the platform website. You can find the link in the description under this video. Log in after registration. Hire is asset for trading. Click to switch asset. Here you have two trading modes available: Fixed Time Trades mode and Forex mode. Fixed Time Trade is a transaction with a broker to determine the exchange rate of a currency pair or other asset. It’s the mode that we will use. Now we are choosing an asset for trading. Please remember! Always choose such asset that gives you maximum rate of return. For this sort by rate of return. And choose an asset with the maximum value.

This is price movement chart. Here is current price. You can zoom in or out of the price chart using these buttons or mouse wheel. At the top right of the screen you can choose the type of account for trading: Live Account or Demo Account. A live account is needed to trade real money. On a demo account, you can practice trading virtual money. For this tutorial video, I created a new account that I haven’t made a deposit to yet. Therefore, I will show you how to trade using a demo account. The next step is to set the amount of the trade. It’s done here. You can increase or decrease the amount using the buttons. Minimum is one dollar. I set ten dollars. And last step we should set duration time for our trade. Click here. We see two modes: Timer and Clock. Timer mode is mean that the trade will close after some number of minutes. Clock mode is mean that the trade will close at the specified time. Ok, everything is ready to open a trade.

If my forecast is correct, I get a bonus and the amount of investment. That is, I will earn $8 from my investment of $10. If not, I can only lose the deposited amount. Fixed Time trading means no risk of losing more than allocated in the trade. In the Fixed Time Trades mode the amount of possible profit and loss is known in advance. Suppose my forecast is that the price will up in 1 minute. I click UP button and wait. ( Good. The price is rising. By the way, to predict the future market value of assets and make money on it, traders use different strategies. One of the possible strategies is to work with news. As a rule, it’s chosen by beginners. Advanced traders take into account many factors, use indicators, know how to predict trends. I’ll talk about this in the next videos. ). Excellent! My forecast is correct and I earned $8. UH-huh Cool! It’s really simple! Start trading to change your life!

And now I will answer the questions that I was asked.

  1. What is the minimum deposit amount to start trading?
    • The minimum deposit is $10!
  2. Why did you choose the Olymp Trade trading platform?
    • The first reason is the Guarantees. Olymp Trade is a certified broker. Therefore I’m sure that it’s not a scam project. I’ll always get the money I earned.
    • Second reason is easy start. The minimum trade amount starts at $1.
    • And the third reason is fast funds withdrawal with zero commission.
  3. What is the best amount deposit to start with?
    • I recommend starting at $ 200. In this case, the amount of your investment will be $ 5 for each trade. Because the money management rule says that each and every trade is always 5% of your account.

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