How To Make Money $140+ a on Fail Trades? Stock Market For Beginners 2020

Do you know how to make money even with fail trades? No? That’s what I’m going to tell you about in this video! So, now I will tell you some very important information. Please watch this video to the end. You will learn how to earn money steadily!

Remember, in trading it’s impossible to have 100% profitable trades. Even experienced traders have fail trades. But in order to make a profit and earn consistently, you must know a few core secrets to success that experienced traders apply.

Core secret to success number one. Establish trading rules for yourself. This means that in your trading you must comply with risk management and money management. These are your trading rules that you should never break!

Core secret to success number two. If you received several fail trades, then you need to put off the trading for the next day. Determine for yourself the number of fail trades after which you will complete the trading for the next day. I recommend closing the trading after two unsuccessful trades.

Core secret to success number three. Use the Martingale method to cover fail trades. This means that if you got a fail trade, then the amount of your next trade must be 2 times more than the amount of your loss. And apply this rule no more than 3 times in a row.

These 3 simple rules will allow you to earn consistently! Use them! And now I will show this with an example of real trading. Attention to the chart!

So, you saw I made 3 trades. The second trade was fail. But in the third trade, I doubled the trade amount. As in result I compensated for the loss of the second trade. So, for three trades, I earned 140 dollars, while one of them was unprofitable.

Believe me when I say victory is waiting for you. Now go out there and take it. Leave no doubt! Trade and earn! Spend your free time with your family and do what you love.

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