Live Day Trading – 4 Trades, 2 minutes, $295 Profit

This is a live video. I want you to see the real trading process as is.

Increase the line thickness so you can see it, maybe it’s a breakdown. You should trade without emotion. double the amount to cover the loss.

Waiting for the price to drop below. Ideally it should cross the level. Strong downward price movement broke through the level.

Remember an important thing! With every loss, the probability of winning increases!

Returning our base trade amount. For me it’s 250. But you must have your own trade amount that you are willing to risk. let’s look at others. I’m looking for a good corridor.

But a double top is a reversal pattern. And we see the price fall. So my forecast will be for the fall.

As a result, I had 2 losing trades and 2 successful ones. Despite this, I earned $295. I think this is an excellent result in 10 minutes.

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