Live Day Trading – Making $417 Online in 15 Minutes

Hello friends, today I continue to show you live trading and how I make money on it.

From that day on, I decided to send all the results of my trade to my telegram channel. And also especially for beginners who also want to earn money, I opened a telegram channel, where I publish signals. And in this video I will show you how I do it.

Sending a signal to my VIP channel.

Please remember. Most often, the price makes a pullback and not a breakout.
Therefore, we trade from levels. I remind you that I open a trade down when the price crosses the resistance line. And I open a trade up when the price crosses the support line. Try it, it’s very simple.

Now I open a trade down, for a pullback. But I do not advise you to do this, and here’s why. In this case, the trend is up. Therefore, I advise you to open trades only in the direction of the trend. Now I take risks and I know it.
But I hope the rollback works. I have leaked the trade. Double the amount to cover the loss.

Especially for newbies who are still afraid to open deals themselves, I opened a free VIP channel in Telegram. I trade 2 times a day. And as you can see, I send my signals to this channel before I open the trade myself. As a result, you can trade using my signals and also earn.

Access to my channel is completely free! No Joining Fees and No Commissions.

How can you access my VIP channel with signals? I have described all the steps in my open telegram channel. You will find a link to it under this video!

Unfortunately, in this situation, the rollback did not occur immediately, the price lingered at the resistance line. But then she went down as we expected.

As a result, I had 1 losing trade and 2 successful ones. So, I earned $417.
This is an excellent result for one session that took only 15 minutes. As I said, I usually do 2 sessions a day.

So, Register at Olymp Trade and earn! The link you can find under this video. You can also trade using my signals for free. Information about this in my telegram channel.

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