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Many people tell me that trading is not a job. But I think this is the best job there can be. I work 1 hour a day. I earn a lot more than I would earn in a regular job. My superiors don’t command me. I am not attached to my place of work. I work wherever and whenever I want. On average, I make $ 700 a day or $ 15,000 a month. This is a good income for me. Yes, I’m not a millionaire, but I plan to become one. Go!

We are waiting for the price to rise and cross the resistance line. I am preparing information about the signal for you in my telegram VIP channel in advance. When the time comes to open a trade, I send you this signal and only after that I open a trade myself. As you can see, I have a simple strategy based on trading from support and resistance lines. The price is marking time but should soon go down.

Previously, I have used various strategies and indicators. I’ve tried a lot. But in the end I realized that trading from levels is the most effective method for me. Finally, a rollback occurred and the price go to down. The price rolls back from the levels more often than breaks them, so we make money.

Here I see how the downtrend changed to an uptrend. Now I will change the trend lines on the chart. As you can see, I draw lines along peaks or troughs. We see how the pullback occurred.

The main thing is that the price does not have time to return back to the resistance line. Otherwise we will get a loss. For now I am calm, because I opened a trade below the current price position. Just waiting for closure.

A good situation, but I will not open the trade to down, because the trend is up. Let’s look for other assets. Similarly, I will not trade against the trend. Let’s look for other assets. Let’s wait for the price to drop to the support line and then we will open a trade upward in the direction of the trend.

Guys, as I said, I usually trade 2 sessions a day. Each session usually takes an average of 20 minutes. Thus on average, I trade about an hour a day. And this is my job.

I earn much more than I can earn in our Russia in a regular job. The average salary in Moscow is about $ 1,000 a month. It is very difficult to live in Moscow with this money. Therefore, I chose trading. I spend 1 hour a day on trading and earn an average of $ 700 every day. I take a screenshot and send it to the VIP channel.

So, today we made 3 trades and they all closed with a plus. Total earnings were $ 667. This is an excellent result in 15 minutes of trading. I am sending a screenshot of trades to our open channel.

You can trade on my signals and earn money too. Subscribe to my channel, join my telegram channel. I will leave all links below this video. See you later!

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