Using this simple trading strategy you will always earn

Using it you can start making money right now! For several years of trading, I have used many strategies. Some of them were good, some were not. Now in my trading I use several strategies that give good results. And I’ll share one of them with you right now! Are you ready to learn one of the trading secrets? Then go ahead!

Price movement on a chart can be represented in several ways. One such way is with area chart.

In my strategy, I use the basic fundamentals of technical analysis. These are the support and resistance lines. These are imaginary lines on the chart that the price has reached but cannot overcome. In this place, there is a fight between bulls and bears. Where the winner will lead the price in its direction. Our task is to find these lines on the chart. And then determine where we will open a trade. The ideal situation for us is to find a price corridor. These are two parallel lines on the chart that the price cannot break. The price like to walk between support and resistance lines. And our task is to find such situation. This may require opening several assets to find it. But when we find it, we will have the opportunity to conclude a successful trade with a probability of 80%. You must be like a fucking sniper! This means that you should spend 80% of your time looking for a good entry situation. Where parallel lines of support and resistance are clearly visible, which form a corridor. And then you’ll win! Then you’ll start earning and you’ll have a lot of money.

Now let’s talk about how to find these lines on the chart and what they are. The price movement on the chart can have 3 direction: grow, fail, and flat. Also the price corridor can have these three directions. As you know, a line can be drawn using 2 points. And the price corridor can be built using 3 points. If you are looking at the chart and cannot draw a price corridor, then it’s not here. And this means that you have to leave this asset and find another asset where you can find a price corridor.

To draw lines on the chart, click on this button, scroll down to the “Drawing” section and use “Trend Line” or “Horizontal Line”. Let’s find assets on the chart right now and define price corridors for them.

When the price corridor is found, you must choose the moment to open a trade. Open a trade to UP when the price fell and reached the support line. And open a trade to DOWN when the price growed and reached the resistance line. To increase your chances of winning, follow these guidelines. On the chart if you see that the price is growing, then open deals only upwards, from the support lines. If you see on the chart that the price is falling, then open deals only downward, from the resistance lines. But if there is no trend and you see a horizontal price corridor, then the price is in a flat. Then you can open trades both up and down. From a mathematical point of view, the probability of a breakout of the price band is less than a pullback from it. That is why this strategy allows you to win 80% of the time.

Dear friends, now I have shown you a really simple and profitable strategy. Trade and earn! Don’t stop running toward your dream! Never, never stop! It starts with believing in yourself!

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