11 Reasons why cash is better than credit cards


A stack of banknotes looks much more spectacular than a plastic rectangle. Yes, and block it will not work.

1. You can pay anywhere

It seems that terminals are everywhere. But this is exactly as long as you do not go to the market for farm cottage cheese and eggs or try to buy fresh cucumbers from the gardener. With bills and coins you will not get into a situation where theoretically you have money — on the map — but you can not buy anything on them.

2. You do not depend on the Internet

A small technical glitch turns a Bank card into a useless piece of plastic. And here you stand at the cash register while the seller tries to catch Wi-Fi, and behind the queue of buyers who hate you gathers. Or you are kicked out of the trolley on a frosty winter evening, because the terminal suddenly stopped working.

Banknotes don’t care what’s on the Internet. They always work.

3. Cash will not block the Bank

If you have a monthly give of 1, 000 Basil, but suddenly decided to repay the debt in 20 thousand Pete, no one will block your transactions in an attempt to protect against fraud. But non-standard card transactions can lead to such a step on the part of the Bank.

When you decide to shikanut and pull all the savings, no one will suspect you of laundering the Federal law” on combating legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism ” from 07.08.2001 № 115-FZ income and will not force to confirm where the money.

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All this is extremely beneficial to the health of the nervous system.

4. Cash is protected from bailiff errors

People tend to make mistakes-and bailiffs confirm this rule more often than we would like. Cases where someone was arrested the account and wrote off the money because of debts namesake, not edinichen guilt. What to do if the bailiffs illegally blocked the account .

Cash will protect you from such situations.

5. You spend less

It is proved by scientists: when using cash, people more rationally, Evaluation of the Impacts of Two “Rules of Thumb” for Credit Card Revolvers spend money. Unlike card lovers, during shopping they pay more attention to the price of the goods, and are not limited only to its characteristics.

6. You are more happy shopping

Another scientific fact: when you pay in cash, purchases bring you more cash vs. Credit: Does The Way You Pay Change How You Value a Purchase? joys. And then these things are of great value to you.

7. Spending is easier to limit

Old as the world life hack: to spend less, you need to put in your pocket as much money as you are willing to spend. This limit works much better than limits on Bank cards, which can be changed with two taps of your finger.

8. Cash helps in nurturing the right financial habits

A clearly defined amount of money in the wallet will help to avoid impulsive purchases. You will have time to think if you really need this thing. Thanks to this, you will be more balanced approach to acquisitions. And this is one of the whales, which is the economy.

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9. It’s easy for you to tip

If you have cash in your pocket, you no longer have to be embarrassed and blush because you can not leave the waiter in the restaurant bonus.

10. You don’t have to pay the Bank

Account maintenance fee, SMS notification fee-even if it is a small cost, but they have the potential to save.

11. A pack of money looks more representative than a card

The weighty “brick” of banknotes in the hands increases the sense of self-importance more than a plastic card, even if it is “gold”.


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