Your Way to a Million – Earn Money at Every Step

In this video I will tell you how to earn more and spend less.

We’ve been taught to write and read since our school years. We are not taught to make money, however. No one is teaching financial literacy to us. Therefore, the population is mostly poor. We are trained to be obedient slaves only. We know, as a result, only how to spend it and most of us have no other means of income besides being employed.

I’m sure everyone of you has found such a trait in yourself. You will feel financially free on payday. You’re paying the bills. Then you carry on wasting the rest of the money on all kinds of items that are not very important – clothing, trinkets, technique, and so on. Anything that you can live without. Although you worked for a whole month from morning to night and you had a lot of stress. On payday, by purchasing multiple products, you seek to compensate for your tension. Well, or the day after. Even any second day. You’re getting the idea. I am certain that this dilemma has been faced by most of you!

How can you break out of a matrix like this? The answer is straightforward. Take control of your spending at least a month in advance and schedule your budget. But don’t just prepare, you’re going to have to execute it, which is really challenging! Save at least 10% of all your income. And under no conditions, spend it! Manage the remaining of the cash as per your schedule carefully. Stop rash expenditures!

This is the most complicated part! Your emotions and desires are tough to cope with! You will be certain you have to something to buy. You need it really. This is where you will crack the budget. So, ask yourself a couple of questions before you buy something, “How will you benefit from buying this item?”, “How will your future be impacted by this purchase?”. Think for a few days on these queries and make decision.

Now let’s talk about your apartment’s warehouse of needless stuff you collected! Look around to see all these things! Are you using it all really? Do you not? Then why are you collecting stuff that will clutter your apartment? Stuff you don’t need. Stuff that makes you uncomfortable.
Think of it and sell all this needless stuff! Take a photo and sell all this through eBay. Get rid of them as soon as you can. Bring back some of the money you have wasted, at least!

Why is this important? First, you remove needless stuff from your apartment. After that you’re going to feel better! Second, by selling these items, you will collect some of your money back! Just do it!

Remember! Save money from the earnings and only invest money profitably! It is your road to success and prosperity!

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