Your Way to a Million | Greed is good

Greed’s good! However, I don’t like the term greed. Let’s name this financial ambition. It’s not only good to have financial ambition, but really significant! Each one of us has greed! We distinguish from animals in that regard. Animals only care to get food or to store food in winter for the next few days. However, people are the only species on this planet capable to plan their future.

Life is not limited to a few days, we know. Many years are ahead of us and we should make this life for ourselves as comfortable as possible. And we know our mortality alone. This induces a fear for which we must all compensate. We know that we are going to die. And it can’t be avoided. For us, therefore it is important to enjoy our time more than for any other species.

And those of us with the greatest financial ambitions are pulling everyone else along! Start in a garage, Steve Jobs. The parents of Starbucks’s founder lived on ration cards. From Pakistan, Shahid Khan came to the USA. He worked as a dishwasher and now has $7 billion in fortune. These people provided employment to over 3 million people. They all played a major role in the growth of our society and in making the world a better place.

But what distinguished Khan from other dishwashers? Or Steve Jobs from a man in a different garage? – Financial goals! Students wouldn’t have put an effort in their studies without them. There wouldn’t be workers heading to work. And investors wouldn’t be introducing technological revolutions.

The driving force behind economic development is financial ambition. Without them, we would have been living like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Without people like us who push society forward through the influence of their financial goals, living conditions will be like in the Middle Ages.

Those who despise capitalism need to think about it carefully. Capitalism can be liked or despised, but not judged by motive. It deserves to be judged, but as everybody in the world.

Guys, I must admit to you I have never seen people with such financial motivation! Go on and just don’t stop from your achievements!

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