Your Way to a Million | How not to become a beggar

Without this information, your path to wealth will be more difficult! I am telling you a secret that everyone should know!

In this video I’d like to talk about the beggars. This video does not involve people who currently have no income. This video is about people who are never going to have money in principle. You will see who I’m referring to now. Be sure to watch this video till the end, it will give you a lot of valuable information!

Some people pretend to appear better than they are! To do this, they dress in expensive trendy clothing. They are consuming everything stylish. But one thing they forget. A person is a person after all! Cars and clothes don’t make a person. His actions and lifestyle make him distinctive. If that’s not that, he’s a beggar.

These people just enjoy buying fancy crap of all sorts. Stuff which doesn’t suit their lifestyle! Since they’re not earning as much as they spend, most of these persons remain in debt. Or they show off with the money of their parents. A rich man would barely ever waste money on all this glamorous nonsense. He knows how to get his incomes and needs into balance. He is rather investing money mostly on purchasing assets that enable him to earn more!

To despoil beggars, a whole industry was set up! Several industries work hard to produce endless crappy fashions. They knew that on beggars they could make huge bucks! And they are earning that already!

You notice how ads flashes around us all the time. It is supposed to sell some needless thing while buying one thing. This is called exclusive deals, discounts and whatever. They want to give us a fake under a brand name most often. And even if a person does not need this, he’s buying it. He was convinced
that he would have fun, pleasure, and even profit if he bought this garbage! And he buys it! And he buys it! All these needless stuffs he always buys and buys! Even though he has a lot of debts and lives from paycheck to paycheck. These people are beggars, they are beggars!

Often, I find advertisements shouting explicitly, “Dude! I want to fuck you!”

I am offered, for example, “Buy their fancy tablet and get a Rolex as a gift”. However, original Rolex is 1000 times costlier than this tablet! To sell this trash, nobody will give you a Rolex! It is scammering and it is all around!

It’s the beggar, who buys all the trendy and glamorous crap to show off! He isn’t willing to work hard to earn more. If there is some trash on the market which everyone believes is expensive, the beggar runs to buy it immediately! He is chasing every opportunity to show off!

So now I told you about two principal beggar signs – wearing counterfeits, buying something you can’t afford! Don’t be fooled by this! Be wise!

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